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Stacey Freed

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For more than a decade I have been writing for magazines about remodeling and construction, small business, home design and lifestyle. I live and work from my home near Rochester, N.Y.

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Gray house color trend article
Remodeling Magazine

Back to the Classics on Home Exteriors

Ask designers what drives exterior home color trends and the answers include a combination of things: a home’s architectural style, its existing materials, locale, and of course the homeowner’s desires. Right now, says Amy Wax, an architectural color expert in Montclair, N.J., homeowners are feeling “confident and secure about their homes and are willing to take traditional colors and push them a step further.” The most requested color? Gray.

75 article
Remodeling Magazine

Profile of Nick Richmond

This story won a 2013 Neal Award and an ASBPE

75 article
Remodeling Magazine

37 Ideas To Help Clients Prepare Their Homes for Their Future Selves

37 Ideas To Help Clients Prepare Their Homes for Th...

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Remodeling Magazine

Make It Meaningful: Why Customer Satisfaction Should Be Part of Your Bonus Equation | Remodeling

Some remodelers feel strongly about tying customer satisfaction survey results to employee rewards....

Review sites interrobang vig hero tcm17 1892327 article
Remodeling Magazine

Online Review Sites: Necessary? Evil? | Remodeling

Is it possible for online review sites to be a win-win for remodeling contractors and consumers?...

Remodeling Magazine

Get Your Projects Into Clients' Hands | Remodeling

Some tips on how to get your projects featured in magazines, offered by Stacey Freed, a senior editor at Remodeling....

Tmp6b69 2etmp tcm17 1490667 article
Remodeling Magazine

How-To: Tips for Creating an Effective Customer-Service Survey | Remodeling

You want a customer satisfaction survey that allows you to set benchmarks for measuring your company's progress. We show you how to create one....

0109b rm bd shower 2 tcm17 92609 article
Remodeling Magazine

Designing With Glass Panels | Remodeling

Glass panels can be used in utilitarian or more poetic, elaborate ways. Whatever the application, they can add interest to your design and can be used to admit natural light....

75 article
Remodeling Magazine

Glen Lumia | Remodeling

By: Stacey Freed · You Heard It Here. Hosting a radio call-in show helps remodeler Glen Lumia establish his remodeling company as the 'go-to' guys....

Touch base hero tcm17 826066 article
Remodeling Magazine

Touch Base: Interactive Whiteboards in the Remodeling Office | Remodeling

Interactive whiteboards can help clients visualize their projects as you make changes in real time, but the whiteboards' usefulness doesn't end there....

75 article
Remodeling Magazine

Sandy Still Raining Down on New Jersey Shore | Remodeling

New Jersey Shore remodeler John Quaregna talks about Sandy's lingering issues with the summer shore season just two months away....

1110 rm gf firstimpression tcm17 646617 article
Remodeling Magazine

Good Form: First Impression | Remodeling

To convert leads to sales, you should listen and learn from prospects when they call in, but you need to use a systematic approach....

646664004 0212b rm biz1 hero tcm17 1066361 article
Remodeling Magazine

RRP Compliance: More States Take on Lead-Safety Enforcement | Remodeling

There are pros and cons to states taking on the enforcement role of the Environmental Protection Agency's lead rule....

Talk it up hero tcm17 685349 article
Remodeling Magazine

Talk It Up: The Root Causes of Customer Dissatisfaction | Remodeling

GuildQuality's customer surveys reveal what's most irks homeowners about their remodeling experience....

Tmp1e4e 2etmp tcm17 1036205 article
Remodeling Magazine

Hire Calling: Tips for Hiring Field Employees | Remodeling

Handy hiring tips gleaned from LinkedIn's Construction Business Owner's Group....