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Stacey Freed

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For more than a decade I have been writing for magazines about remodeling and construction, small business, home design and lifestyle. I live and work from my home near Rochester, N.Y.

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Urban buying pix article

Tips for buying in an urban real estate market

The braggable joys of a primo location. The convenience of being able to walk to get your soy latte or see that indie film from the Czech Republic. The frustration of multiple bids. The cost. Buying in the city comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges. But you’ll be prepared if you know a few things...

Storage solutions small spaces new yorkers 14e0810ad831d70279780f1d5285ff09 3x2 jpg 600x400 q85 article

HouseLogic: Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Sweaters in the oven. Shoes in the kitchen cabinets. Books in the freezer. New Yorkers pay a median $3,400 a month for their tiny apartments, so they’ve learned to get mighty creative when it comes to maxing out every square foot. Although your house may be much roomier than the typical NYC studio (thank God), you can banish clutter once and for all by pledging allegiance to these six savvy strategies...