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Stacey Freed

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For more than a decade I have been writing for magazines about remodeling and construction, small business, home design and lifestyle. I live and work from my home near Rochester, N.Y.

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HighBeam Research

Love of Licorice: One Woman's Dark Obsession

Licorice is one of those tastes waiting in the wings: Like a good understudy, it sings in the chorus and does several walk-ons but will probably never get to center stage. As cafe owner and licorice confidant Bassem Jarrar says, "It is an acquired taste, an intellectual taste. …

HighBeam Research

Mimouna: Moroccan Feast to End Passover

Doors are thrown open, people sing and dance in the street, and well-wishers stop by to laugh, drink and share the bounty of foods set out to herald a sweet and successful new year.