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For more than a decade I have been writing for magazines about remodeling and construction, small business, home design and lifestyle. I live and work from my home near Rochester, N.Y.

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Usace image article

Recreation USA

Building and maintaining the nation’s dams has its rewards
By Stacey Freed
EVERY SEASON THERE’S A reason to get outdoors, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has millions of acres to explore. Water recreation is the main attraction at most USACE sites, which generally include lakes and dams, but over the decades the Corps has expanded into hiking, cycling, climbing, camping and more. Here are six projects from across the country that offer these amenities (for more information and a look at all the possibilities, see

Hedgie article

USA Today PetGuide: Hedgehog Hysteria

Forget the fluff; it’s all about those fine spines
Move over, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, and make way for the real deal, Miss Teazel. Step aside, Sonic, you adventurous maniac you, and recognize the bona fide wonderment that is Shming, who’s been viewed on YouTube more than 6.3 million times, frolicking and floating in his mommy’s bathtub. Teazel and Shming are riding the wave of hedgehog popularity — from T-shirts and Internet memes to actual pet ownership...