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For more than a decade I have been writing for magazines about remodeling and construction, small business, home design and lifestyle. I live and work from my home near Rochester, N.Y.

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Rochester Magazine

The most stunning renovation in Rochester?
One-of-a-kind overhaul creates a kid-centric, California-inspired space for a well-traveled family

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They saved a home, showcased new style, helped a cause...

Every neighborhood has them: houses that need a little TLC. And then there was this Pittsford home, in need of much more than a little TLC.
Custom-built in the early 1990s, the house was overgrown on the outside, with makeshift tarps laid onto a leaking roof. Inside, a floor-to-ceiling aviary had been the home’s central feature, but it had contributed to the interior’s deterioration—and the birds were still in the cages when it went on the market.
Pass no judgment on the owners—things happen. But it would take major vision and commitment to turn the place back into a desirable home...

Loft living article

Downtown lofts in Rochester offer pop culture feel

Loft living is booming in downtown Rochester, especially among millennials and baby boomers, particularly empty nesters.
Every related project that opened its doors in the last five years quickly filled up, and the vacancy rates are low....

Jon seiger article

Deaf jazz musician Jon Seiger plays for his life

It’s a Thursday evening at Wegmans on Calkins Road in Henrietta, and music is playing.
In the back corner of the Market Café, a band plays “West End Blues,” the Louis Armstrong classic. The frontman blows a trumpet while running his fingers along a keyboard; he’s backed by a drummer and a bass player. Couples twirl on what has become a dance floor, and a large crowd has gathered. The listeners show their appreciation with applause....

Fashion taxi article

Rochester Magazine: Fashion delivered to your doorstep

Back in my Brooklyn neighborhood in the ’60s, there was “Sam, Sam the Bakery Man,” whose big blue truck brought baked goods to our block, and The Seltzer Man and the milkman and even a pick-up and delivery dry cleaner. (I was in college before I realized there were dry cleaners where you had to bring in your clothes.)

It was the ultimate in customer service, and it all went away eventually. But now a bit of it is back—not the seltzer, but the service.

635744717234200812 thinkstockphotos 78773039 article

Gannett Healthy Life: Eating to Compete: For student athletes, food provides the winning edge

High school athletes need to understand that food is fuel—and not just any food. Just as they wouldn't put diesel in a car that uses traditional gasoline to make it run, they shouldn't be putting the wrong foods into their bodies if they want optimum athletic performance...

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Democrat & Chronicle: Breads rise, along with memories

It could be said that bread is what helped humans create community. Foraging and hunting could be done on the run — literally — but bread takes time. From growing the grain, to crushing it, mixing it with water and exposing it to wild yeast so it would rise, bread meant staying in one place...

B9316939424z.1 20150421222401 000 gdsahr8ua.1 0 article

Democrat & Chronicle: Do homework with direct-sales ventures

Do homework with direct-sales ventures

635681517817252356 rm57 help article

Volunteer wonders: Does everyone deserve help?

A project leads to difficult questions about the limits of charity....

635726581070963123 krebs024 copy article

$5 million renovation keeps The Krebs cooking

The once-famous Skaneateles institution's old-time charm remains intact....

635678909251812928 kitchen article

Curves, color and a killer kitchen in Bushnell's Basin

A big remodeling project updates part of an historic, whimsical home....

635744737689207933 muffin article

Here's how to keep kids from getting too much sugar

It's to everyone's benefit to help children eat less sugar, but it hides behind many names in all kinds of food....

635726566730671513 20150620 untitled 191 article

From scrapheap to top of the heap

He had nothing, except her. A decade later, look how they've rebuilt....

1411078103000 weekday meal prep graphic article

Moms show how to plan healthy meals during busy fall

From prep day to theme nights, these moms have meal planning down....

635787927767137973 rm63 outside article

The historic home that isn't

A couple’s ambitious remodeling project creates an architectural optical illusion....